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History in the Humanities and Social Sciences Network - Workshop I

AHRC Funded Network

History in the Humanities and Social Sciences

Richard Bourke (Cambridge) and Quentin Skinner (QMUL)

Workshop I

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The network aims to explore the role of historical knowledge to key areas of the humanities and social sciences ranging from political theory and international law to philosophy and economics.

Key Contributors: Richard Bourke (Cambridge), Mira Siegelberg (QMUL), Cathy Shrank (Sheffield), Adam Tooze (Columbia), Stathis Kalyvas (Oxford)

Date: Friday 11 January 2019, Time: 9:30–18:15
Venue: Jesus College, Cambridge (Frankopan Hall)

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Network Members: Michael Lobban, Adam Tooze, Sheilagh Ogilvie, Jennifer Pitts, Mira Siegelberg, Sam Moyn, Cathy Shrank, Pamela Clemit, Hannah Dawson, Hazem Kandil, Quentin Skinner, Richard Bourke, Susan James, Stathis Kalyvas, Ira Katznelson.