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Unless otherwise specified, seminars take place on Monday between 5pm - 6.45pm in the Old Combination Room, Trinity College

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23 January
 Stefanos Geroulanos (NYU)
"The Emperor's Two Bodies: Mirrored Sovereignty, the Code civil, and Napoleon's New Men"

30 January
Jamie Martin (Sydney)
"The Transformation of International Economics during the Great Depression"

Comment: Duncan Bell (Cambridge)

Paper download: Cambridge | Visitor

6 February
Kinch Hoekstra (Berkeley)
"In His Veins the Blood of Kings: Thucydides in the Renaissance"

13 February
Ben Slingo (Cambridge)
"Cajetan, Suarez and republican liberty: A theme in later scholastic political thought"

Comment: Harro Hopfl (Essex)

Paper download: Cambridge | Visitor

20 February
Seyla Benhabib (Yale)
"Legalism: A Reconstruction and Critique of Judith Shklar's Concept and its Contemporary Import"

Comment:  Katrina Forrester (Queen Mary)

Paper download: Cambridge | Visitor 

27 February
Johan Olsthoorn (Leuven)
"Grotius on natural law and supererogation"

Comment: Sarah Mortimer (Oxford)

Paper download: Cambridge | Visitor

6 March
Jenny Andersson (Paris, Sciences Po)
"The future of the world. A new history of the future"

13 March

Clara Maier (Hamburg)
"The idea of the Rechtsstaat in twentieth-century German legal thought"

Comment: Duncan Kelly (Cambridge)

A major conference on this theme will be held under the auspices of the Centre for Political Thought at Clare College, Cambridge, on 10-11 May 2018. The conference will address the ways in which political philosophers have engaged with concepts of time and the evidence of history. Booking details will be available here in Sept 2017.

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