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About the Seminar

‘Academia’, from Cesare Ripa, Iconologia (1630)
‘Academia’, from Cesare Ripa, Iconologia (1630)
The Political Thought and Intellectual History Seminars are the official research seminars of the Political Thought and Intellectual History Subject Group of the Faculty of History. They are also an integral part of the History Faculty's PhD Programme in Political Thought and Intellectual History and the Inter-Faculty M.Phil. in Political Thought and Intellectual History which is co-sponsored by the Faculty of History, the Faculty of Classics and the Department of Politics.

The purpose of the two seminar series is to present frontline research in the History of Political Thought and related disciplines (Political Theory and Intellectual History) by senior scholars within and outside Cambridge, as well as by younger academics, post-doctoral research fellows and advanced graduate students. In Series 1 the emphasis is on the former, in Series 2 on the latter group. Further educational aims are to introduce students to the skills of advanced academic debate and to integrate them into the Cambridge academic community.

A major conference on this theme will be held under the auspices of the Centre for Political Thought at Clare College, Cambridge, on 10-11 May 2018. The conference will address the ways in which political philosophers have engaged with concepts of time and the evidence of history. The conference is now full.

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