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The Quentin Skinner Fellowship in Intellectual History since 1500

Created by the generosity of Professor Quentin Skinner after the award of the Balzan Prize, the Quentin Skinner Fellowship (formerly the Balzan-Skinner Fellowship) allows an early career scholar to spend a sabbatical term or semester in Cambridge in order to work on a discrete piece of research, the result of which is presented in a public lecture and symposium and will be published, subject to peer review, in the Historical Journal.

An appointment is made annually; ‘modern’ is since c. 1500, and ‘early career’ within ten years of attaining the PhD. Please note that the terms of the fellowship do not cover the cost of release from academic duties at the fellowship holder’s employing institution.  

Previous holders of the Fellowship are Dr Hannah Dawson (History and Philosophy, Edinburgh, in 2010), Dr Joel Isaac (History, Queen Mary London, in 2011), Dr Tim Stanton (Politics, York, in 2012), Dr Gabriel Paquette (History, The Johns Hopkins University, in 2013), and Dr Karuna Mantena (Political Science, Yale, in 2014), Dr Anna Becker (History, University of Basel, in 2015), and Dr Teresa Bejan (Politics, University of Oxford, in 2016).

The Quentin Skinner Fellow in 2017 will be Dr Sophie Smith (Politics, University of Oxford).  Dr Smith gained her PhD at Cambridge, following this with a Research Fellowship at Christ Church, Oxford.  She is now a University Lecturer in Politics and a Fellow of University College, Oxford.  She will lecture on the theme of 'The Nature of Politics: Political Science in early modern England'.


A major conference on this theme will be held under the auspices of the Centre for Political Thought at Clare College, Cambridge, on 10-11 May 2018. The conference will address the ways in which political philosophers have engaged with concepts of time and the evidence of history. Registration is now open.

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A CRASSH conference bringing together intellectual historians and political theorists to explore the role of elites in democratic thought, from the founding figures of 'elite theory' to the present. The event will chart the trajectory of this political dilemma from its inception in the late-nineteenth/early-twentieth century to today’s crises. Registration is open.

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Interventions | The Intellectual History Podcast

A brand new intellectual history podcast by grad students at Cambridge. Interventions introduces intellectual historians and their work to everyone with an interest in history and politics.