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Unless otherwise specified, seminars take place from 5pm to 6.45pm in Keynes Hall King's College (map).

Research Seminar Series 1Research Seminar Series 2

27 April

Did Hegel “Comprehend His Own Time in Thought”? Economic Ethical Life in The Philosophy of Right

Robert Pippin (University of Chicago)

4 May

John Adams and the Abbé de Mably in the Shadow of Revolution

Adam Lebovitz (Trinity Hall, Cambridge)

Commentator: Michael Sonenscher (King's College, Cambridge)

11 May

Self-Translation and the Politics of Language in Sixteenth-Century France

Sara Miglietti (Warburg Institute)

18 May


Geneviève Rousselière (Duke University)

Commentator: Christopher Brooke (Cambridge)

"Anti-Colonial Political Thought" will be a two-day conference focusing on arguments against 20th century European empires deployed across Africa, South Asia, the Middle East, and East Asia. The conference will take place on 18-19 Sept. 2020 at King's College and Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

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