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Unless otherwise specified, seminars take place on Monday between 5pm - 6.45pm in the Old Combination Room, Trinity College

Research Seminar Series 1Research Seminar Series 2

29 April

The Plantation’s Colonial Modernity in Comparative Perspective

Adom Getachew (Chicago)

6 May

Sam Zeitlin (Chicago)

Commentator: Markku Peltonen (Helsinki)

13 May

Seeing though lies: Plato on how to avert tyranny

Jill Frank (Cornell)

20 May

Felix Waldmann (Cambridge)

Commentator: John Robertson (Cambridge)

The Seeley Lecturer for 2019 is Professor Elizabeth Anderson (Department of Philosophy, University of Michigan). Prof. Anderson will lecture on "The Great Reversal: How Neoliberalism turned Classical Liberal Principles Against Workers" on 7, 9, 14, 16 May 2019.

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