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Unless otherwise specified, seminars take place Monday between 5pm - 6.45pm in the Old Combination Room, Trinity College

Research Seminar Series 1Research Seminar Series 2

Monday 8 October
Dilemmas of Sovereignty: Law, Politics and Moral Reasoning in Hugo Grotius

Annabel Brett (Cambridge)
Paper download: Cambridge | Visitor

Monday 22 October 
Hobbes on the Definition of a Legal Sphere

Signy Gutnick Allen (LSE)

Commentator: Richard Serjeantson (Cambridge)

Monday 15 October
The Constitutionalism of Imperial Expansion

Stephen Holmes (NYU)

Monday 29 October
Can we write an ethical history of the early common law?

Philippa Byrne (Oxford)

Commentator: Jenny Benham (Cardiff)

Monday 5 November 
Race Man: The Jurisprudence of Clarence Thomas

Corey Robin (CUNY)

Joint with US History Seminar

Monday 12 November
Coercion in a Subjective World

Daniel Luban (Yale)

Commentator: Nakul Krishna (Cambridge)

Monday 19 November


Monday 26 November
Reform or Revolution', redux: Eduard Bernstein on the 1918-19 German Revolution

Marius Ostrowski (Oxford)

Commentator: Gareth Stedman-Jones (QMUL)


The Seeley Lecturer for 2019 is Professor Elizabeth Anderson (Department of Philosophy, University of Michigan). Prof. Anderson will lecture on "The Great Reversal: How Neoliberalism turned Classical Liberal Principles Against Workers" on 7, 9, 14, 16 May 2019.

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