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Cambridge Centre for Political Thought


Michaelmas Term

Seminar Series 1 Seminar Series 2

14 October

Roundtable on In the Shadow of Justice: Postwar Liberalism and the Remaking of Political Philosophy

Katrina Forrester (Harvard University)

Commentators: Emma Mackinnon (Cambridge) and Christopher Brooke (Cambridge)

21 October

Empire, Freedom, and Violence: Theories of Political Pluralism and Dante's Monarchy

Serena Ferente (KCL)

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28 October

Marx, Arendt and the Temporalities of Revolution’

Miriam Leonard (UCL)

4 November

Acting, Artifice, and the Political Sphere in Eighteenth-Century French Thought

Shiru Lim (Lichtenberg-Kolleg, Göttingen)

11 November

Ecce Homo: Nietzsche on the Philosophic Life

Heinrich Meier (LMU)

18 November

Interpreting the French Revolution with Germaine de Staël

Adela Halo (QMUL)

Lent Term

Seminar Series 1 Seminar Series 2

20 January

Empire and Sovereignty in 'Democracies of the East'

Tejas Parasher (Cambridge)

27 January

Fortitude: Spinoza on living in the light of our knowledge

Susan James (Birkbeck)

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3 February

Hypocrisy, Sociability and Virtue: Mandeville vs. Shaftesbury

Robin Douglass (KCL)

10 February

Conceptualizations of Labour and the Making of the French Working Class, 1830-1848

Samuel Hayat (CNRS)

Commentator: Julia Nicholls (KCL)

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17 February

"The English Always Disregarded Abstract Theories”: Constructing “Tory Democracy," 1881-1931

Emily Jones (Manchester)


Easter Term

No sessions held.