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Unless otherwise specified, seminars take place on Monday between 5pm - 6.45pm in the Old Combination Room, Trinity College

Research Seminar Series 1Research Seminar Series 2

21 January

Max Weber's Political Thought and the First World War

Duncan Kelly (Cambridge)

28 January

Cancelled: Banu Turnaoğlu (Cambridge)

Dr. Turnaoğlu will instead be speaking on this date at the Centenary Conference on Max
Weber's Politics as a Vocation lecture, taking place at Trinity Hall. For registration please see here.

4 February

Spectacular Black Death: Lynching, Lethal Police Violence and the Black Female Body

Shatema Threadcraft (Dartmouth)

11 February

1789 in 1954: Human Rights and the Algerian Revolution

Emma Mackinnon (Cambridge)

Paper download: Cambridge | Visitor

Commentator: Arthur Asseraf

18 February

Karl Marx and the Cycles of American Capitalism

Andrew Hartman (Illinois State)

Joint with US History Seminar

25 February

Affairs of Humanity: Arguing for Humanitarian Intervention in Britain and Europe, 1698-1715

Catherine Arnold (Memphis)

Paper download: Cambridge | Visitor

Commentator: Annabel Brett (Cambridge)

4 March

The Three Pillars of Liberalism: Freedom, Markets, and Morals from the Enlightenment to the Present

Alan Kahan (Versailles/St. Quentin-en-Yvelines)

11 March

Languages of Constituent Power

Lucia Rubinelli (Cambridge)

The Seeley Lecturer for 2019 is Professor Elizabeth Anderson (Department of Philosophy, University of Michigan). Prof. Anderson will lecture on "The Great Reversal: How Neoliberalism turned Classical Liberal Principles Against Workers" on 7, 9, 14, 16 May 2019.

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